Dilemmas in life

We all face dilemmas in life, and sooner or later we choose. Our choice is what build us up, regardless of failures or successes. This is the gist behind The Thought Collective’s journey, and I had the honour to hear a personal, heartfelt and intimate open-sharing by it founder, Tong Yee.

What IS Good for humanity IS Good for business. 

Here is a business that focuses at transformational & sustainable social enterprising. Community and grassroot matters, and if properly integrated with people and government – it empowers, serves and sustains any city or village alike.

What happens when a business, after learning from all the pitfalls, has perhaps reached its capacity/ potential and sustainable improvements is better than greed-driven expansion? The fifth arm of The Thought Collective, Common Ground, is looking to support other social enterprises and help others grow. This is perhaps a “pay-it-forward” paradigm shift in the business strategies of The Thought Collective, after having established itself in Education, Publishing, Food & Beverage (or Food Space & Culture), and Experiential Learning. Find out more about this unique collective who managed to read into and rise above the market forces of Singapore island at www.thethoughtcollective.com.sg.

What IS Good for humanity IS Good for government.

Incidentally, I learned about the good works of The Thought Collective in October 2014, same month as the Occupy Hong Kong event. All lands are homes to people residing in it, on it and occupying it, and home is where the heart is. The “business” of The Thought Collective is focused on social and emotional intelligence of the people they serve – and may its good works “occupy” the hearts of people and governments alike in Singapore and beyond.


Green efforts comes in waves

In UK, studies show one in four men are less enthusiastic about the eco wave as compared to one in six women.

Has green fatigue really kicked in or has being green become instilled as a way or life? Read http://www.bemoreeco.com/2010/10/18/green-fatigue-hits-campaign-to-reduce-carbon-footprint/